‘Woke’ hiring: Endorsing Trump is top reason for job rejection

The business world’s discrimination against anything “Trump” has reached an epidemic level, touching former aides to the president, anybody pictured near the Jan. 6 Capitol protest and now those who endorsed him on social media posts.

A new survey of hiring managers provided to Secrets found that backing Trump on social media is the top reason to reject a job applicant.

The apparent reason: HR departments want to avoid “tiffs” between employees.

“Likely to avoid future office tiffs, a significant portion of hiring managers admitted to negatively judging candidates based on the political content posted. For 27% of hiring managers, social media posts endorsing Donald Trump for president would negatively impact their decision to hire a candidate,” said the analysis of the poll done for Skynova,[1] an online business software company.

trump hiring.png

The survey of hiring managers and employees also found that many potential employees don’t want to work for a pro-Trump company. “Holding a similar stance as hiring managers, 40.6% of employees said evidence endorsing Donald Trump for president would negatively impact their decision to apply for a job, compared to only 21.6% reporting the same of endorsement for Joe Biden for president,” said the survey analysis.

Several top Trump aides have reported difficulties landing a suitable job. While that is typical of aides to former Republican presidents, those with Trump said it’s sometimes hard to even get in the door for an interview.

That is the result of an expanding “cancel culture” targeting Trump and “woke” corporations afraid of liberal boycotts.

In the same survey, only 9.9% of hiring managers would look negatively on a job candidate that backed Black Lives Matter online.

The survey was the latest to warn workers and companies about their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. That’s because 91% of hiring managers sometimes or always look at the posts of job applicants.

Other reasons hiring managers admit would negatively impact their decision to hire a candidate are:

  • Anti-immigration posts — 23%.
  • Endorsing Joe Biden for president — 22%.
  • Urging people not to vote — 21%.

Said the survey analysis, “Right, left, or smack in the middle, employers’ and employees’ stances on politics are no longer chalked up to a personal matter. While job applications may not explicitly ask about political affiliation, hiring managers turn to social media to see where candidates’ views lie – and prospective employees are doing the same. Endorsing Donald Trump for president, even on personal social media accounts, is the easiest way to be knocked down a few notches in employers’ and potential employees’ eyes. Plus, not actively supporting or denouncing the most pressing social issues of 2020 – like immigration, the Black Lives Matter movement, and voting – also had a negative impact on impressions.”



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