Biden must apologize for his ‘Jim Crow’ hoax

People across the country surely remember the endless “fact-checking” of the fake news media during the Trump administration. Nearly every word of the former president was ripped from its context and twisted into a form they could label a lie.

Just over two months into the Biden presidency, we finally see the fact-checkers do their job, awarding President Joe Biden “four Pinocchios” for his over-the-top false claims about the new Georgia election reform law.

It’s not surprising that Biden would lie about a Republican policy position. It’s surprising that the Washington Post fact-checkers would be willing to call him out on it. Good for them.

But the lie must be bald-faced beyond doubt for Biden’s media apologists to label it as such. This was no slip of the tongue or slight exaggeration. Biden’s lie about the new Georgia voting law was a calculated assault on the truth, intended to inflame racial tensions by invoking the brutal history of Jim Crow.

Thankfully, I didn’t live through that period of U.S. history. But Biden did, so he should know better. Referring to a law that requires the voter to show identification as “Jim Crow” is an insult to generations of blacks who were completely disenfranchised by racist laws that stripped us of our constitutional rights and segregated us from white society.

Oh, and did I mention these dehumanizing laws were unleashed by Democrats?

As Kamala Harris has pointed out on numerous occasions, Biden has a troubling record of offensive conduct, comments, and legislation that targets people of color. His latest lie is just another example of his willingness to denigrate black history and diminish black Americans. Biden should be ashamed, and he should apologize.

While we are waiting for that apology, I would encourage everyone to read the truth about Georgia’s new election law. The best way to understand what the law does is to listen to liberal criticisms of the law and realize the opposite is true. Biden said it limits voting hours (it does not), and other Democrats have said it cuts down on weekend voting (it actually expands weekend voting) and suppresses black Georgia voters (it does not). As was the case over a decade ago in Oklahoma, when I voted to require identification at the polls, Georgians are likely to witness an increase in minority turnout after the new law takes effect.

This nation is hurting, plagued with racial violence, tension, and race-baiters. Lying about the Georgia voting law only serves to divide us further. Biden should apologize for his lies and start telling the truth. The legacy of our ancestors demands it.

T.W. Shannon is a former Oklahoma legislator who served as the first black speaker of the House. He is now the CEO of Chickasaw Community Bank in Oklahoma City.