Canucks parting ways with anthem singer planning to sing at Vancouver rally protesting COVID-19 restrictions

Jace Evans

The Vancouver Canucks and anthem singer Mark Donnelly will be parting ways over the singer’s involvement in a rally protesting COVID-19 restrictions in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Donnelly was set to sing twice, including a rendition of the Canadian national anthem “O Canada,” at the downtown Vancouver “B.C. Christmas Freedom Rally.”

The Vancouver Sun confirmed Donnelly’s involvement in the rally, and the outlet’s story on the matter drew a response from Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini.

Aquilini said that Donnelly should be referred to from now on as the “former Canucks anthem singer” in a post that was accompanied with the hashtag “Wear A Mask.” 

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Canucks officials reaffirmed Aquilini’s words that Donnelly was done in his anthem-singing role to both the Sun and the CBC, with a spokesperson telling the latter outlet, “You are safe to say his days are over.”

A stay-at-home order and a mask mandate has been put in place in British Columbia, the Sun says. The Sun also says that B.C. residents “have been instructed to avoid social gatherings of all kinds and sizes.” 

The rally planned for Saturday seemingly is set to challenge such orders entering the Christmas holidays. 

“We encourage everyone to wear a mask and to follow the provincial health orders,” Canucks COO Trent Carroll said in a statement to the Sun earlier Friday.