Obama: Makes Sense for Biden to Test GOP’s’ Willingness to Work With Him

Former President Barack Obama said Joe Biden is right to expect Republican lawmakers in Congress to work with him.

Obama made his comments in a New York Magazine piece posted Wednesday.

“I have no regrets about at least testing the possibility that Republicans are reasonable,” he said. “And that they are amenable to good arguments and are willing to cooperate to help their constituents. I think it doesn’t make sense to expect a new president to come out of the gate saying‘I know those folks are going to try to obstruct, stonewall, lie, and do everything they can to defeat my proposals, and so let’s start the fight early.’  

“I think it makes perfect sense for Joe to say, ‘Look, we just went through four years of dysfunction,’ and whether they want to admit it or not, Republicans in Congress know that this has been dysfunctional and maybe once (President Donald) Trump leaves the stage and the temperatures go down a little bit that they consider it in their interest at least early on to cooperate on some issues.” 

The Obama interview was done as the former president continues to promote his memoir: “A Promised Land.”

In the book, Obama hits out at the Republican Party, saying Trump’s rise to power was the result of racism — a claim many conservatives have disputed.