Lt. Gov. Duncan: Georgia Not ‘Third-World Country,’ Election Not Rigged

Georgia isn’t a “third-world country” and its presidential election wasn’t rigged, Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan said Monday. 

“This isn’t a third-world country here in Georgia,” Duncan, a Republican, said on CNN’s “New Day.” “We’ve been running elections for a long time, we’re working all together, and we all try to keep each other accountable and make sure our standards are as high and modern as possible. And certainly, we’re in the middle of that process.”

Georgia officials, including Duncan, have come under fire from President Donald Trump over the state’s election results. Late last week, Trump filed a lawsuit claiming the state’s election process was filled with “significant systemic misconduct, fraud, and other irregularities” that resulted in “many thousands of illegal votes” being cast and counted.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said later in the morning that he will recertify the results of the election in favor of Joe Biden later today, reports WSB in Atlanta.

“We have now counted legally-casted ballots three times and the results have remained unchanged,” Raffensperger said. The state will name electors on Tuesday.

Duncan also appeared on “CBS This Morning,” where he said “mountains of disinformation” have been pouring in, but it is all “stuff that can be debunked in 10 seconds or less.”

“My focus now is that we make sure we have a very fair, legal election, but also to get Sens. [Kelly] Loeffler and [David] Perdue reelected Jan. 5,” he said. “There’s no scenario I can see that it is helpful for mountains of misinformation around election fraud helping to turn out the vote on Jan. 5.”

He said he does think there is a “great opportunity” for Republicans to pivot as “GOP 2.0,” but that will have to “include a better way to message. … America as a whole wants leaders that are inspiring and not condescending.”