Lara Trump Tells Gianno Caldwell ‘No News’ Yet on Senate Bid

Teasing a widely anticipated 2022 run for Senate in North Carolina, Lara Trump said herself and the entire Trump family cannot sit back and let someone else carry the baton for America, but “I don’t have any news to break today.”

“You can’t just stop fighting for this country; you can’t just sit back down and say, ‘oh, well, someone else will figure out this fight,'” Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law and wife of Eric Trump, told “Outloud With Gianno Caldwell” podcast Friday.

“We are all, as a family, in this fight to protect America, to keep this country the greatest in the world, to protect our freedoms, to uphold the Constitution. We are willing to continue the fight, so that may come in many different forms.”

One form would be Lara Trump running for the Senate seat of retiring Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., but the ongoing battle for the White House comes first.

“As it relates to Senate, we’re obviously working on this battle right now, and I do have a little bit of time to decide on that, but I could think of nothing greater than to represent the people of my home state, represent North Carolina,” she told Caldwell.

“It would be amazing,” she continued. “Who wouldn’t want to represent their home state? Who wouldn’t want to give it a shot to do something like that?

“But, on the other side of the coin, they make things really challenging for us. There’s constant negative attention and scrutiny on us. We’ll see. We’ll talk about it some more.”

Among the reasons she said she is not ready to announce her candidacy are relentlessly unfair scrutiny and media attacks that will come with it.

“There is a lot to consider,” she said. “I think people have very clearly seen the way we’ve been treated as a family since Donald Trump announced he was running for president, since he became president.

“Our family is under constant scrutiny. They constantly make up stories about us. The number of lies that are being printed about all of us, or said on national television about all of us would shock people.

“And most I think would ever say, ‘well, gosh, I want to put myself back through that.’

“But that said, I think we have also seen the really positive side of things, which is that you can affect really positive change for people. And you can be a representative for so many.

“It would be an honor, truly, but [we] haven’t decided that yet. We’re still figuring that out.”

Lara Trump was asked about a report Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., announcing his bid for the open Senate seat this week as a preemptive block against her.

“I’m sort of flattered by that,” she said. “That’s on him; if he’s ready to announce he’s running, get his campaign going, good for him. That wouldn’t be a deterrent, necessarily, I don’t think for anyone in our family.

“We’ve been up against the fake news media, the Democrats, Hollywood, the liberal elites. We’ve been up against everybody.

“That wouldn’t necessarily be a deterrent, but maybe we will see what the full competition will be beforehand; maybe that’s a good thing.”

Lara Trump, who hails from North Carolina and said her parents still live in the same house she was brought home from the hospital to, named her daughter Carolina out of love of her state. But, ultimately, media-fed, anti-Trump bias might be the only thing that would keep her out of running for Senate.

“We all know that they’re going to go out of their way to make our lives miserable and go as hard as they possibly can,” she said.