What will decide Tim Tebow’s comeback attempt with Jaguars: ‘Not there yet’

Urban Meyer insists his personal relationship with Tim Tebow won’t impact whether the Jaguars sign the former Heisman Trophy winner. It will come down to one thing.

“It’s very simple: If we believe that Tim Tebow can help us win a game, then we’d look into it,” the Jaguars coach told USA TODAY Sports. “And we’re not there yet. If it happens, that’s our decision behind it.”

Last week, the Jaguars made news when it was reported they brought in Tebow for a workout at tight end. Tebow, of course, reached the NFL as a quarterback, but couldn’t hack it. He played minor league baseball with the Mets while working as a college football analyst for ESPN. Now, at the age of 33, he’s trying to play in the NFL again, only at a different position.

“Obviously, when you start talking about a position he’s never played, or hasn’t played in a while, that’s pretty tough,” said Meyer, who coached Tebow at Florida from 2006-09. “So, we’re reviewing everything.”

Tim Tebow NFL Jaguars Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer (l.) congratulates then-Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (r.) after a win over the Dolphins on Oct. 23, 2011.
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It remains to be seen what happens with Tebow and the Jaguars. Meyer talked about him with his staff on Monday, and his workout was run by tight ends coach Tyler Bowen.

“I’m leaving that up to our staff,” Meyer said. “They’re the experts. Obviously, I know him as a person and as a competitor. I know all that. But the expertise to play that position, I have my own opinion. At the right time, I’ll share it. But I want to let the guys that actually work with him to give their opinion.”