Man who died from COVID pledged to wear mask if he survived, family says

A Kentucky man vowed in a final text message from his deathbed that he would start wearing a mask if he survived his battle with COVID-19, his family said.

Robert Patrick Perry Jr., 56, of Carter County, didn’t believe it was necessary to wear a mask before he was fighting for his life in the hospital, news station WMTV reported.

“My brother was also one of those who didn’t believe COVID would not come to Carter County — that it was a virus that we would not see,” his brother, Chris Perry, said at a wreath ceremony Monday for COVID-19 victims in front of the state Capitol.

Chris said the family had tried to no avail to get Robert to wear a mask when he left his home.

“It took that trip to the hospital and what he was going through for him to realize that COVID was real,” Chris said.

In a final message to his family, Robert promised to put on a mask if he made it out of the hospital.

“He said, ‘If the Lord allows me to get through this, I’ll never leave home without wearing a mask again,”’ Chris said.

But it was too late. His brother succumbed to the virus in August.

“It’s not some made-up virus. It’s not some political ploy. It is real,” Chris said.