‘Heroic witness’ saves toddler who was ejected from truck in car crash

A heroic witness dived off a Maryland bridge into the bay below to save a 2-year-old girl who was ejected from a pickup truck during a five-car crash.

The accident, which occurred Sunday afternoon, left the pickup truck teetering over a guardrail on the bridge over Assawoman Bay, video and photos show.

“A heroic witness jumped from the bridge into the bay and rescued the child,” city officials said in a statement, according to NBC News.

The good Samaritan, who chose to remain anonymous, was able to retrieve the little girl and get her safely to a nearby boat.

The man appeared to be in shock himself, Joe Oertel, who was on the boat with his family, told NBC’s “Today” show.

“It was more about making sure the baby was safe and that he was safe,” Oertel said. “He was in some shock himself.”

Truck teetering off a bridge after an accident.
The pickup truck the little girl was in teeters over a guardrail on the bridge over Assawoman Bay.
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“He didn’t say anything, he was just so shocked of what happened,” Oertel’s daughter Alayna added.

Officials said the toddler was taken to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and was in stable condition, according to NBC News.

People on a boat help a toddler that was ejected from a truck during a car accident on the bridge above.
The anonymous hero was able to get the little girl from the water and safely bring her to a nearby boat.

The cause for the accident remains unclear, but at least seven other people were reportedly injured, the outlet said.

View of bridge where a five-car accident took place.
Rescue crews respond to a five-car accident on the Route 90 bridge.
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“It says a lot about some people’s demeanor, just doing the right thing when you gotta do it,” Oertel said.

“When the chips are down, people will come together to make the right choices.”