West Virginia area told to shelter-in-place after explosion at chemical plant

Residents in a section of Belle, W. Va., were told to shelter in place late Tuesday after a “chemical incident” at a local chemical plant, Reuters reported.

Officials from the Chemours Company did not immediately respond to an email from Fox News. The Kanawha County Commission said in a press release that the explosion occurred at the plant at 10:02 p.m.

Jennifer Herrald, the county commissioner, told Fox News that the situation is being evaluated but it is currently considered unsafe for anyone in a 2-mile radius of the plant to leave their homes.

The West Virginia Emergency Management said the 2-mile radius includes “everyone between Chelyan Bridge and Burning Springs and includes all of Belle, Marmet, Chesapeake and Chelyan.”


Images that were posted on social media showed smoke billowing out of the plant.

“Stay in your home,” Harrald said.