Watch Live: Cuomo makes announcement at COVID-19 briefing

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he is making an announcement Wednesday at a COVID-19 briefing after warning earlier this week of possible new restrictions. Cuomo laid out more plans on Monday to make sure hospitals don’t become overwhelmed in the state and warned he may shut down indoor dining in New York City by the end of the week.

The governor said every region in the state has five days to stabilize its hospitalization rate, CBS New York reports. If they don’t, regions outside the city would have to reduce indoor dining to 25% capacity. Restaurants in the city would have to suspend indoor dining indefinitely.

How to watch Cuomo’s press conference today

Pickup and delivery services would still be allowed, but there are caveats for other things. Outdoor dining would still be permitted, but officials say that in order to pass muster, a structure has to have two sides that are open. 

As of Monday, more than 4,600 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 in the state, and more than 7,300 new cases were reported. 

The governor said earlier this month that over 70% of cases could traced to small gatherings and households.

He called on hospitals to increase capacity by 25%. To maintain necessary staffing, the governor was also asking able, retired medical professionals to sign up to serve. He said that could increase staffing by 20,000.

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