Green list travel updates – Summer holidays to TEN countries announced within days as just 4 new covid deaths recorded


Any scheme which uses digital certificates to prove a person’s coronavirus status would only be a success if the public is able to “trust” the way their data is used, the Information Commissioner will say on Wednesday.

The Government has said it is “considering” using the official NHS app as a digital route to allow holidaymakers to show they have been vaccinated and unlock overseas travel.

Speaking at the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Data Protection Practitioners’ annual conference, Elizabeth Denham is expected to say such a system can only work if the public is able to trust that their personal data was being used responsibly and their privacy protected.

“The success of any Covid-status scheme will rely on people trusting them, and that means people having confidence in how the scheme would use their personal information,” the Information Commissioner will say.

“There is simply not an option today for any organisation, private or public sector, to say ‘how we use data is complex, this service is important, so just trust us’. That applies as much to Covid-status certificates as it does to social media companies or app developers.”