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Election results – live: Labour holds on to power in Wales as Johnson rejects Scotland referendum - VTBeyond

Election results – live: Labour holds on to power in Wales as Johnson rejects Scotland referendum

Sturgeon says SNP majority ‘has always been a very, very long shot’

Labour has retained control of the Welsh Senedd, matching its best-ever result of 30 seats out of 60 after all votes were counted. It means Mark Drakeford will remain in power as the country’s first minister.

It comes as Boris Johnson has rejected a second referendum on Scottish independence as “reckless and irresponsible,” with election results so far in Scotland leaving a SNP majority on a knife edge.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said she would push ahead with legislation for another referendum “when the time is right” – claiming Mr Johnson “would have to go to court” to block another vote.

Elsewhere, Sir Keir Starmer is to embark on a major shake-up of Labour’s top team after devastating election results. Labour peer Lord Adonis called on Sir Keir to “consider his position” and make way for a more “appealing” leader.

Labour said it was “too early” to say if London mayor Sadiq Khan has been re-elected.


Sturgeon has ‘responsibility’ to get indyref2, says Salmond

Alex Salmond has prematurely congratulated Nicola Sturgeon “on her victory” in the Scottish parliament elections, but said she had a “responsibility to carry forward the independence argument”.

Although his Alba party looks set to leave the election empty-handed, he also said his newly-formed organisation would be there to “urge things on”.

“I know that the SNP have been a little bit nervous, sending people letters saying if they are associated with Alba they might be disciplined by the SNP, or all sorts of things,” he said on Saturday.

“But I put that down to over-enthusiasm of some people who just joined the SNP and are perhaps not aware of the politeness with which the SNP normally conducts its operations.”

<p>Alex Salmond at count in Aberdeen</p>
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Alex Salmond at count in Aberdeen

Adam Forrest8 May 2021 14:34

SNP hold onto two more seats

SNP have held onto Falkirk West and Cumbernauld & Kilsyth. The vote share was slightly down on 2016 in both places.

Adam Forrest8 May 2021 14:31

Labour candidate re-elected as Salford mayor

Labour’s Paul Dennett has been re-elected as Salford mayor with a healthy vote share.

He took 59 per cent in first-round votes.

Sam Hancock8 May 2021 14:29

Labour holds on to power in Wales with 30 seats

Final results for the Welsh Senedd are in and Labour has won, holding on to power.

Mark Drakeford will stay on as the country’s first minister

His party won 30 seats out of a possible 60, equalling a record and gaining one seat in this election.

Follow our political editor Andrew Woodcock’s report here:

Sam Hancock8 May 2021 14:12

SNP hold Perthshire South and Kinross-shire

More from Scotland. The SNP’s Jim Fairlie has won Perthshire South and Kinross-shire, in a blow to the Scottish Conservatives who were eyeing the constituency as a top target.

The seat, which was held by Roseanna Cunningham for 22 years, was the SNP’s most marginal in 2016. Fairlie increased the SNP majority to 1,848.

Adam Forrest8 May 2021 14:02

Prof Curtice: SNP majority ‘comes down to a handful of seats’

Whether or not the SNP gets an overall majority now rests on the outcome in just a handful of seats, election guru Prof John Curtice has said.

The party really needs to win Aberdeenshire West, where the Conservatives are defending a small majority, to be in with a shot – but it looks like the Tories might benefit there from tactical voting.

Nicola Sturgeon’s party also needs to win either Galloway, another Tory-held marginal, or a list seat in the South of Scotland. But neither of these currently looks probable, according to Prof Curtice.

“At the same time, the SNP need to pick up a list seat in the Highlands, for which their prospects are somewhat brighter,” he predicts.

Sam Hancock8 May 2021 13:48

Professor explains patterns of voting in Scotland

Political science Prof Ailsa Henderson explains the three voting patterns being seen in this year’s Scottish election.

Unsurprisingly, it centres around areas’ differing views on Scottish independence and the so-called indyref2.

Sam Hancock8 May 2021 13:42

SNP hold three seats

Three more results from Scotland now. SNP have held onto Aberdeen South & North Kincardine, Renfrewshire South and Dundee City East. No surprises in any of these contests.

All eyes are on Aberdeenshire West – this is a big target for the SNP. If they could gain this one it might well mean an outright majority of 65 seats. If not, they might well fall short.

Adam Forrest8 May 2021 13:23

Labour’s Liverpool City mayor re-elected

Steve Rotheram has been re-elected for a second term as the major for the Liverpool City region, as he comfortably defeated his rivals in the contest.

Rotheram won 198,726 votes. His closest contender in the race, Tory candidate Jade Marsden, who won 66,702 votes.

“It’s a massive vote of confidence in the power of devolution and the work I’ve done so far,” Rotheram said. “Now the government has to back further devo”.

Adam Forrest8 May 2021 13:13

Starmer urged to ‘consider his position’

Labour peer Lord Adonis has called on leader Keir Starmer to quit and make way for someone else. “Keir clearly needs to consider his position because the results were a catastrophe,” the former Blair-era minister told LBC.

“It’s no good saying that we need better policies or we need to appeal to the red wall or whatever, unless you yourself are an appealing leader who excites people’s hearts and minds.”

“We’ve got to have somebody who appeals more to the political centre-ground than Boris Johnson does,” Adonis added.

Adam Forrest8 May 2021 13:02